Lambda i8 Device

  • LED Display: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
  • Charging Time: About 2.5 hours
  • Weight: 83g
  • Color Options: Black, Gray, Red, Green, Gold, White
  • Compatibility: TEREA Stick, SENTIA, etc. Smartcore Sticks

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Enjoy a Better Vaping Lifestyle with the Lambda i8 Device.

The Lambda i8 Device is the ultimate in vaping innovation. Enjoy it. This is more than just a gadget—it’s a doorway to a world where innovative technology combines practicality and style. When you set out on a voyage with Lambda i8 Device, don’t settle for a simple vaping experience; instead, prepare yourself for a lifestyle enhanced by style, adaptability, and the assurance of quick gratification. Introducing a world where each inhale is an occasion to celebrate; the Lambda i8 is your pass to an unmatched vaping experience.

Product Specification

  • Heating Type: Smartcore induction heating system
  • LED Display: Yes
  • Working Temperature: 200 – 300 ℃ adjustable
  • Smoking Time: 3 – 6 min. adjustable
  • Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
  • Input Voltage: 5V / 2A
  • Charging Time: About 2.5 hours
  • Smoking Times: 35-40 times (full charge)
  • Product Size: 102.8*28.9*20.8 mm
  • Weight: 83g
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + PPSU+ PEEK
  • Colours: Black, Gray, Red, Green, Gold, White
  • Compatibility: TEREA, SENTIA, etc. Smartcore Sticks

Improve Your Vaping Experience with the Lambda i8 Device

Utilise Lambda i8 to Unleash Innovation

Immerse yourself in the future of vaping with the Lambda i8 Device, a revolutionary invention that will transform your smoking routines. Experience a symphony of flavour and technology delivered right to your door from Nizwa to Salalah.

Lambda i8 in Oman: Elegant and Intelligent

Take in the Lambda i8 Device’s elegant appearance and thoughtful features. This elegant vaping gadget, designed for discerning customers in Oman, effortlessly combines beauty and technology, raising the bar for vaping elegance.

Lambda i8 Device Cost: Quality and Affordability Come Together

Enjoy luxury without going over budget. Find the Lambda i8 Device at a cost that strikes a balance between quality and cost. Improve your vaping experience without sacrificing effectiveness.


The Lambda i8 Device Collection Let Your Personality Shine

Lambda i8 Green Device: Dazzle in Green

The Lambda i8 Green Device invites you to explore a world of freshness. As you set off on a vaping trip that’s not only pleasurable to the senses but also a fashion statement, embrace the hues of nature.

Dedicated to Red: Lambda i8 Red Instrument

With the Lambda i8 Red Device, ignite your enthusiasm. As you improve your vaping habits and make each inhale a celebration of flavour and refinement, bask in the warmth of rich crimson tones.

Lambda i8 Gold Device: Radiant in Gold

Savour the finery of the Lambda i8 Gold Device. Allow the brilliant gold tones to combine well with your appreciation of finer things in life, turning every puff into a golden moment of fulfilment.

The Lambda i8 White Device… Pure Elegance in White

Enjoy the Lambda i8 White Device’s purity. With every use, the pure white tones will elevate your vaping experience and reflect elegance and simplicity.

Classic Elegance in Black: Lambda i8 Black Technology

With the Lambda i8 Black Device, experience the appeal of ageless elegance. Wherever your vaping journey takes you, embrace the mystery and sophistication that black gives to make a striking impression.

Delicate Elegance in Grey: Lambda i8 Grey Device

Accept understated elegance with the Lambda i8 Grey Device. This grey-toned device, which embodies the ideal fusion of style and innovation, is a testimonial to your sophisticated vaping preferences.


The Lambda i8 Smart Vaping Device is an innovative experience.

Exposing Intelligent Vaping

  • Upgrade your vaping experience with the state-of-the-art Smartcore induction heating system. Get smooth, effective, and smart heating every time for a pleasurable vape.
  • LED Display Brilliance: The vivid LED display will envelop you in clarity. You may easily customise and optimise your vaping experience with the help of real-time insights.

    Customised with Care for You

  • Adjustable Working Temperature: With a temperature range of 200 to 300 °C, you may customise your vaping experience. Make each puff unique to your preferences and tastes.
  • Personalise Your Smoking Time: Do it as you want. Customise your vaping sessions by setting a 3–6 minute smoking time. Find the ideal ratio between taste and length.

    Strength that Lasts

  • High-Capacity Battery: Make use of the 3200 mAh battery’s power. Savour a longer-lasting vaping experience while making sure your gadget keeps up with your mobile lifestyle.
  • Quick Charging: Eliminate waiting time. With a 2.5-hour charging period, the Lambda i8 Device guarantees you spend more time enjoying your favourite flavours and less time waiting.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Lambda i8 Device guarantees longevity and dependability with every use, having the capacity to run for 35–40 sessions on a full charge.

    Form and Function Collide

  • Sleek Design: The Lambda i8 Device has a sleek design that was expertly crafted. It blends in perfectly with your lifestyle despite being feather-light at 83g and compact at 102.8*28.9*20.8 mm.
  • Premium Material: An alloy of aluminium alloy, PPSU, and PEEK ensures endurance and a hint of elegance while combining style and quality.
  • Colour Variety: Black, Grey, Red, Green, Gold, and White are among the colours available. Make a stylistic statement with your gadget by matching it to your personality.

    Smooth Delivery All Over Oman

  • Swift Delivery to All Cities: Revel in the joy of swift delivery, reaching every city in Oman within 1-3 days. From Muscat to Salalah, we bring vaping satisfaction to your doorstep.
  • Free Delivery Delight: As a token of appreciation, enjoy free delivery on orders exceeding 55 Rial. Lambda i8 Device is not just a product; it’s an experience delivered to your doorstep, free of charge.

Elevate Your Vaping Lifestyle: Order Lambda i8 Now

Embark on a journey of innovation, style, and convenience. Order your Lambda i8 Smart Vaping Device From our online vaping store and experience the next level of vaping satisfaction.

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