LAMBDA CC army Green

  • Brand: LAMBDA
  • Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
  • Weight: 73g
  • Color:  Army Green
  • Compatible With:  All kinds of Heat Sticks (Terea Stick or Heets Stick)

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Lambda CC Army Green: Embrace Adventure

With the extraordinary Lambda CC Army Green vaping gadget, you can fully embrace the spirit of exploration. This gizmo, which is made by the well-known LAMBDA company, is your pass to an exciting new world. Feel the call of the wild resonating through the rugged army green design of the Lambda CC Army Green as you hold it in your hands.

Product Specification

  • Brand: LAMBDA
  • Heating Type: Titanium Steel Alloy Heating Blade
  • LED Display: YES
  • Working Temperature: 200 – 300 ℃ adjustable
  • Smoking Time: 3 – 6 mins adjustable
  • Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
  • Input Voltage: 5V / 2A
  • Charging Time: about 2.5 hrs
  • Smoking Times (Full Charge): 35-40 times
  • Product Size: 106.5*29.5*21.5 mm
  • Weight: 73g
  • Material: PEEK+PPSU+PC
  • Colour:  Army Green
  • Compatible With:  All kinds of Heat Sticks (Terea Stick or Heets Stick)

Shepherding Achievement – Lambda CC Army Green

Lambda CC Army Green is a performance powerhouse as well as being aesthetically pleasing. This latest iteration of Lambda CC is proof of creativity and quality. With its improved features and smooth user interface, the Lambda CC Army Green is more than simply a gadget—it’s a leader who guides you into a world of unmatched vaping pleasure.

Taking the Lead in the Pursuit of Excellence

Discover the Lambda CC Army Green, a technological marvel that is made to go above and beyond your expectations. Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a newbie to the world of vaping, Lambda CC Army Green can adjust to meet your needs. Reimagine your vaping experience by joining the ranks of people who expect perfection.


Army Green Lambda CC – A Symphony of Nature

Lambda CC Army Green is a vaping device that embodies a symphony of nature, not just a colour. This is a fashion statement that complements Oman’s earthy tones rather than just being an accessory. Lambda CC Army Green becomes a part of your identity and adds a hint of natural elegance to your vaping lifestyle, whether you’re in the bustling streets or the heart of Nizwa.

Every Shade of Green Is Harmonious

Enter a world where your connection to nature and your sense of style is reflected in Lambda CC Army Green. Lambda CC Army Green is a representation of your sophisticated taste, whether you’re showing it off in Nizwa or perusing the colourful markets of Oman. Elevate your look with this gorgeous earthy green vape that will make every moment of vaping an ode to nature.

With Lambda CC Army Green, Take Every Moment and Win

With Lambda CC Army Green, a vaping masterpiece from the renowned LAMBDA brand, answer the call of adventure. This gizmo, which weighs only 73g, represents embracing each moment with grace and style rather of just being a tool. Feel the spirit of the wild as you grasp the Lambda CC Army Green; its rugged style and eye-catching Army Green colour speak volumes.

Experience the Adventure, Feel the Green Spirit

Lambda CC Army Green is an invitation to go on an exciting adventure rather than just a vaping gadget. Let Lambda CC Army Green be your travel companion whether you’re in the busy streets of Muscat, the tranquil surroundings of Salalah, or any other city in Oman. Take your vaping to a whole new level by bringing a wild attitude to every draw.


Versatility in Every Shade – Army Green Lambda CC

Lambda CC Army Green is made for global compatibility rather than just design brilliance. Combine it effortlessly with a variety of Heat Sticks, such as the pungent Terea Stick or the fragrant Heets Stick. This is more than just a gadget; it’s your pass to an endless array of vaping opportunities, enriching your voyage with a symphony of tastes.

Adaptable Interface, Endless Opportunities

With Lambda CC Army Green, you can finally say goodbye to restrictions and welcome a wide variety of vaping experiences. Lambda CC Army Green guarantees a great fit, whether you favour the strong notes of Terea Stick or the aromatic allure of Heets Stick. This is more than just a gadget—it’s an invitation to embark on a vaping journey and discover a world of flavorful, rewarding combinations.


Green and Quick – Free Delivery All Over Oman

We at LAMBDA recognise the value of prompt service. Enjoy the thrill of quick and eco-friendly elegance with our delivery service, which covers all Omani cities in 1-3 days. From the bustling streets of Muscat to the serene scenery of Salalah, we are unwavering in our dedication to prove fung glitz. Take advantage of free shipping on orders over 55 Rial. At LAMBDA, we want your vaping experience to be not only remarkable but also simple to obtain.

Quick Delivery, Eco-Friendly Style Provided

Remain calm, take a seat, and let LAMBDA handle the rest. Our unwavering commitment to offering beauty is evident whether you’re in the charming landscapes of Salalah, the bustling streets of Muscat, or any other city in Oman. Savour the pleasure of complimentary shipping on orders above 55 Rial, and allow Lambda CC Army Green to be your sophisticated vaping partner.

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