Brand: IQOS Terea

Flavor: Woody notes and subtle tea

Origin: Indonesia

Box contains: 200 sticks

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IQOS Terea Sienna Indonesian: Unveiling the Flavor Symphony

IQOS Terea Sienna: Awaken Your Senses

Enter IQOS Terea Sienna’s captivating universe, where each puff takes you on a melodic trip through the essence of Indonesian tastes. Discover the deep, complex nuances of Terea Sienna, a delicate tea scent that dances on your palate and a symphony of woody undertones.

Savor the warm embrace of Terea Sienna’s Indonesian roots, which encapsulate the spirit of a nation renowned for its dynamic culture. The velvety mix takes you to Indonesia’s lush landscapes as you relish each draw, where the woody tastes mingle with the delicate elegance of tea to create an experience beyond everyday pleasures.

Product Specifications


Origin: Indonesia

Sticks Brand: TEREA Indonesia made for IQOS ILUMA

Flavor: tobacco flavor with woody notes and subtle tea aroma notes

Box Color: red

Total Puffs: 14 puffs

Nicotine/Stick: 0.5 MG

Dimensions: 162 x 75 x 47 mm

Box Weight: 240 Gram

Box contains: 200 sticks


Terea Sienna: Enhance Your Moments

IQOS Iluma: Made for Fans Terea Sienna

With IQOS Iluma Terea Sienna, a masterpiece created for individuals who value finer things in life, you may unlock a world of refinement. Experience the creativity of Terea Sienna, who combines cutting-edge technology with unique Indonesian flavors in every puff, which is a masterful maneuver.

This unique taste goes beyond the norm, providing a sensory excursion into the core of exceptional Indonesian cuisine. In Oman, Terea Sienna is an homage to artistry more than just a taste. Allow Terea Sienna’s charm to take your moments from ordinary to spectacular.

Accept Authenticity – The Terea Sienna Experience at IQOS

Where Tradition and Modernity Collide at IQOS Terea Sienna

Take a genuine journey with Terea Sienna, an Indonesian taste that embodies heritage in a contemporary setting. Experience the perfect union of tradition and innovation as Terea Sienna skillfully combines IQOS’s cutting-edge technology with the time-honored tastes of Indonesia.

Allow the genuine flavors of Indonesia to take you to the center of its rich cultural tapestry while you savor the Terea Sienna experience. This flavor celebrates Indonesia in every draw; it’s more than a taste. Take pride in the ingenuity, embrace the legacy, and use IQOS Terea Sienna as your entrance to a world where genuineness is paramount.


Delivery Details for IQOS Terea Sienna Indonesian

📦 Fast and Reliable Delivery: Elevate Your Experience in 1-3 Days!

Savor the genuine tastes of IQOS Terea Sienna without having to wait. In just one to three days, our committed delivery staff will deliver the spirit of sophisticated Indonesian design to your door. Our top goal is your pleasure, and we promise a flawless delivery process.

🌆 Available in Every City, Embracing Every individuals’s Taste

We can help you wherever you may be in Oman. With IQOS Terea Sienna available in every city in the nation, every lady with a sophisticated taste may enjoy this beautiful combination of woody notes and mild tea scent. We bring Indonesia to your city, from Muscat’s energetic streets to Salalah’s tranquil scenery.

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Enjoy the convenience of complimentary delivery for orders above 55 Rial as a thank you. We think that offering more than simply a product is important, and by offering free delivery, we ensure that you may have this experience for no extra money. Experience Terea Sienna’s authenticity at the lowest possible cost, delivered right to your home.

🎉 Authenticity and Best Price: Available at Our Store

You can have the greatest, so why settle for less? Our store offers IQOS Terea Sienna with a price-match guarantee and authenticity. We take great satisfaction in providing an authentic product that matches your sophisticated taste. Our store is the place to go if you’re looking for the most genuine and reasonably priced Terea Sienna in Oman. Your pleasure is our guarantee.

Don’t pass up the chance to discover what makes Indonesia unique. Get your IQOS Terea Sienna today, then relax in the comfort of your city while the tastes develop.

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