IQOS Heets Tropical Swift in Oman

Packaging Details  Each Box contains 200 sticks
Net Weight (per stick)  6.1 g
Carton Weight  250 g
Origin PMI factory in Kazakhstan (🇰🇿)
Manufacturing Process Expertly crafted using a unique blend of high-quality tobacco sourced from Kazakhstan, carefully processed and heated without combustion for a refined and flavorful experience.
Tobacco Heating Technology Designed for use with IQOS heat-not-burn devices, ensuring a smoke-free and reduced-risk alternative to traditional smoking.

1 to 2 Days Delivery in All Over Oman

We ensure delivery across all of Oman within a swift 1 to 2 days, and our convenient cash-on-delivery option adds ease to your shopping experience.

Cash On Delivery

We gladly offer cash-on-delivery services across Oman.

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Dive into the World of Heets Tropical Swift in Oman

An Oasis of Flavor Awaits

Are you a vaping enthusiast seeking a breath of fresh air in the world of flavors? Look no further than the IQOS Heets Tropical Swift in Oman. Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with these specially crafted tobacco sticks designed for IQOS devices. Let’s explore the enticing flavors and the unique vaping experience that awaits you.

 Unveiling Heets Tropical Swift – A Flavorful Journey

Crafted for Tropical Delight

Heets Tropical Swift is not just a tobacco stick; it’s a journey into the heart of tropical bliss. Savor the refreshing blend of high-quality tobacco leaves paired with carefully selected flavors, delivering a vaping experience like no other. Each puff is a symphony of tropical delight, making every moment with your IQOS device a truly unique and flavorful escape.

Swift Delivery Across Oman – Your Vaping Adventure Begins

Bringing Tropical Swift to Your Doorstep

Embark on a vaping adventure with the assurance of swift delivery. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Muscat, the serene landscapes of Al Dhahirah, or anywhere in between, our 2 to 3-day delivery promise ensures that the Heets Tropical Swift reaches you in no time. Experience a timeless blend of tradition and innovation right at your doorstep.

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