IQOS Heets Sun Pearl in Oman

Packaging Details  Each Box contains 200 sticks
Net Weight (per stick)  6.1 g
Carton Weight  250 g
Origin PMI factory in Kazakhstan (🇰🇿)
Manufacturing Process Expertly crafted using a unique blend of high-quality tobacco sourced from Kazakhstan, carefully processed and heated without combustion for a refined and flavorful experience.
Tobacco Heating Technology Designed for use with IQOS heat-not-burn devices, ensuring a smoke-free and reduced-risk alternative to traditional smoking.

1 to 2 Days Delivery in All Over Oman

We ensure delivery across all of Oman within a swift 1 to 2 days, and our convenient cash-on-delivery option adds ease to your shopping experience.

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Introducing: IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl – Your Voyage into Radiant Flavors and Sun-Kissed Bliss in Oman

Embark on a Premium Vaping Odyssey with IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl

Step into the radiant glow of the sun with every puff of IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl. Designed for the aficionado who seeks more than just satisfaction from their vaping experience, this premium product offers an escape into a world of luxurious, sun-kissed bliss. Each inhalation is a celebration of warmth, enveloping your senses in the radiant flavours of Sun Pearl, promising a blissful retreat into joy with every draw.

A Symphony of Rich Tobacco and Refreshing Menthol

Dive deep into the harmonious blend of rich, robust tobacco intertwined with delicate notes of refreshing menthol. IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl in Oman crafts an exquisite balance, presenting a vaping journey that’s both smooth and invigorating. This blend is not just an experience; it’s a journey, taking you through the highs and lows of sensory delight, leaving an unforgettable trail of craving with its sun-drenched flavours and cooling touch.

Your Timeless Blend, Delivered Across Oman

Sun-Kissed Joy, Now Just a Day Away

Embrace the convenience and luxury of having IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl delivered to your doorstep in Oman within 2 to 3 days. Our promise extends from the bustling markets of Muscat to the tranquil dunes of Dhofar, ensuring that no matter where you find your oasis, the essence of sun-kissed vaping joy is never far away. With a commitment to bridging tradition with innovation, we bring the golden embrace of the sun closer to you, ensuring that your premium vaping experience is always within reach.

Effortless Delivery, Ensuring Your Satisfaction

We understand the importance of timely gratification, which is why we are dedicated to delivering your IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl across Oman with unmatched speed and efficiency. From Muscat to Saham, our delivery network is poised to ensure that your vaping journey begins sooner than anticipated, with a 1 to 3 days delivery promise across the following governorates:

  • Muscat
  • Al Batinah North
  • Al Batinah South
  • Al Buraimi
  • Al Dhahirah
  • Al Dakhiliyah
  • Al Wusta
  • Dhofar
  • Musandam
  • Shinas
  • Saham

At the heart of our service is a commitment to your satisfaction, making sure the luxurious embrace of IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl is a constant companion in your vaping adventures across Oman.

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