IQOS Terea Purple Wave Kazakhstan

Brand: IQOS Terea

Flavor: Blueberry, Strong and Satisfying

Origin : Kazakhstan

Box contains: 200 sticks

Delivery: 1-3 Days Delivery All cities in Oman

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IQOS Terea Purple Wave Kazakhstan: An Oman-Based Symphony of Flavour and Elegance

Take off on an unparalleled vaporizing adventure with IQOS Terea Purple Wave Kazakhstan. This masterwork, which comes from the center of Kazakhstan, goes beyond the norm by fusing sophistication and cultural depth to create an unmatched flavor experience.

Product Specifications

Product Name: IQOS Terea Purple Wave Kazakhstan



Flavor:  Blueberry, Strong and Satisfying

Box Color: Purple

Total Puffs: 14 puffs

Nicotine/Stick: 0.5 MG

Dimensions: 162 x 75 x 47 mm

Box Weight: 240 Gram

Box contains: 200 sticks


Taste the Unique Mauve Notes

Savor the flavorful dance with Terea Purple Wave. The unique notes of mauve produce a symphony on your palate, providing a powerful yet sophisticated vaping experience. With every pleasurable hit, your senses will be elevated.

Designed to Identify Tastes

Terea Purple Wave is a sophisticated addition to the IQOS Teak experience for those who value it. This harmonic combination makes vaping a more enjoyable ritual by making every pull an exceptional experience designed for discriminating palates.

Quick Elegance at Your Doorstep: Complimentary Delivery All Around Oman

At Terea, we think that providing an experience is equally as important as providing goods. Savour the ease of having Terea Purple Wave delivered in one to three days to any city in Oman. We are devoted to making sure you are satisfied beyond measure.

Free Shipping on Purchases Over 55 Riyals

Enhance your experience even more by taking advantage of our complimentary delivery for every order above 55 Riyals. It’s how we make sure Terea Purple Wave reaches you at the lowest possible cost and with the most possible ease.

Ready for Delivery All Over Oman:

  1. Muscat: Experience the capital’s vibrancy with Terea Purple Wave kazakhsthan.
  2. Salalah: Unwind in the coastal beauty, indulging in the satisfaction of every puff.
  3. Sohar: Let sophistication meet history in every box of Terea Purple Wave.
  4. Nizwa: Explore tradition with a touch of contemporary elegance.
  5. Sur: Enhance the coastal charm with the bold flavor of blueberry.
  6. Rustaq: Immerse yourself in historical richness with Terea Purple Wave kazakhsthan.
  7. Ibri: Elevate your vaping ritual amidst cultural landscapes.
  8. Bahla: Celebrate flavor and refinement with Terea Purple Wave.
  9. Al Buraimi: Let brilliance harmonize with the city’s vibrant spirit.
  10. Khasab: The coastal enchantment meets the sophistication of Terea Purple Wave.

Upgrade your vaping routine with IQOS Terea Purple Wave Kazakhstan, where convenience, taste, and elegance come together in every package.

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