IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition

Model :IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition

Brand : IQOS

Charging Time : 135 Minutes

Battery Capacity : 2380 mAh

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IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition: Unleash Modern Tobacco Pleasure

The IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition is the peak of tobacco innovation. This device redefines smoking enjoyment with cutting-edge technology, delivering a modern and effortless tobacco experience.

IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition Key Features and Specifications

Unparalleled Performance

  • Consecutive Uses: Enjoy two back-to-back sessions effortlessly.
  • Auto Start Function: Seamlessly initiates heating, simplifying your experience.

Innovative Technology

  • Smart Core Induction System: Experience cutting-edge heating directly from the core, enhancing tobacco flavor.


  • Device Type: Holder and Pocket Charger
  • Manufacturer: PMI (Philip Morris International)
  • Charging Port Type: USB-C
  • Dimensions: 121.5 х 47 х 23.4 mm / 4.78 x 1.85 x 0.92 in
  • Weight: 147 g / 5.2 oz
  • Battery Capacity: 2380 mAh
  • Consecutive Uses: 2
  • Uses per Full Charge: 20
  • Charging Time: 2h 15m
  • Heating Temperature: 350 °C (660 °F)
  • Heating Method: Smartcore Induction
  • Heating Time: 15 sec
  • Sticks Type: Terea
  • Session Length: 6 minutes or 14 puffs

Smart Core Induction Sparks Innovation

Welcome to the smoking technology revolution! The cutting-edge Smart Core Induction System elevates the IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition above the ordinary. It reinvents the tobacco experience by retaining classic IQOS technology and heating the tobacco leaves from within.

Blade-Free Brilliance: Simple and Elegant

Say goodbye to blade concerns and post-use cleaning hassles! The IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition, with its bladeless design, guarantees worry-free use, ensuring durability without the stress of fastidious cleaning practices.

Elevated Elegance: Style and Convenience Redefined

The IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition is a familiar yet developed design that keeps the trademark IQOS design while embracing innovations. Its simple elegance blends seamlessly into your lifestyle, bringing unsurpassed comfort to your tobacco experience.

Improve Your Tobacco Experience

The IQOS Iluma Neon Limited Edition is the pinnacle of smoking sophistication. This device is more than simply a tool; it’s the entry point to a polished and hassle-free smoking practice. It’s intended to fit your lifestyle, seamlessly merging style and functionality, ensuring every puff is an experience worth enjoying. Join the tobacco joy revolution today.

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